The Balacazar Crime Family

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The Balacazar Crime Family

Post  Maltavious on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:52 am

General Overview

The Balacazar Crime Family is in disarray. With the death of Menon Balacazar it has left a gap of power. Most of the members thought his son Malkeen was the obvious choice, but Menon's daughter Maystra’s preparation, and cunning has swayed enough of Malkeen’s supporters to give Maystra a full fledge criminal organization under her control. Kevris Killraven saw an opening and dealt a sizable blow to the Balacarzar’s organization. As their last favor in the memory of Menon the twin lords of the Vai assassinated most of Kevris’s chain of command leaving her struggling to pick up the pieces. In the three weeks of the invasion borders have been drawn. Malkeen now controls all of old town and the largest share of midtown. Maystra now controls Rivergate, Northmarket, and a very small portion of midtown. In the confusion however the Vai, and the Pale Dogs have severed ties with the Balacazar Crime Family.

Position in Current Events

Malkeen is using all his spare power to keep the guard safe from the shadows. Malkeen believes that the Commissar was influential in the Balacazar’s surviving the attacks from Kevris, and hopes to keep the Commissar in power by supporting him from the shadows.

Maystra is allying herself with the invaders. She believes that the Commissar will ultimately win and by assisting the invaders she is creating the chaos she needs for her organization to grow.

Affiliation Point Buy

Malkeen’s force

5 – You are a lieutenant in Malkeen’s organization
4 – You personally know Malkeen Balacazar
3 – You are a member of Malkeen’s organization
2 – You know several members in Malkeen’s organization
1 – You know someone in Malkeen’s organization

Maystra’s force

5 – You are a lieutenant in Maystra’s organization
4 – You personally know Maystra Balacazar
3 – You are a member of Maystra’s organization
2 – You know several members in Maystra’s organization
1 – You know someone in Maystra’s organization

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