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Brotherhood of Redemption Empty Brotherhood of Redemption

Post  Maltavious on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:54 am

General Overview

Few groups spark debate like the Brotherhood of Redemption. This order of monks sees killing evil beings as a terrible waste. They believe in the sanctity of all life, even that which is corrupted by evil or which threatens to wreak destruction and death. As their name implies, the brothers seek to redeem evil, rather than destroy it.

Position in Current Events

As of right now the brotherhood is under the Commissar’s control. They are allowed to conduct business as usual however all redeemed monsters are to report to the Commissar. The brotherhood is however in the dark as to what happens to the redeemed from that point on.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are vying for leadership.
4 – You are an influential monk
3 – You are a low ranking monk
2 – You know several influential monks, or one of the two leaders
1 – You know several low ranking monks

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