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Keepers of the Veil Empty Keepers of the Veil

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General Overview

The Keepers of the Veil are an order of holy knights with a history dedicated to the destruction of undead, specifically free-willed spirits that should have remained on their own side of the great veil of death. The order is almost eight hundred years old.

Position in Current Events

The Keepers of the Veil are experiencing some leadership difficulties. The group has more than tripled in size with the delvers looking for new organizations to join. With this new man power the leader Sir Beck Von Tibbitz ordered a total blockade of the necropolis. The first night of this blockade Sir Beck went missing. The next day his head was found severed from his body. There was a note in his mouth that read, “You keep pretending you can keep us in here, and we will keep pretending you can keep us in. Also the person that returns the annoying Sir Beck to life will experience a very unpleasant death.” The Keepers are now being run by Phadian Gess, a cleric that may be in over her head.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are an important person to Phadian, or next in line to take lead.
4 – You are an influential member of the Keepers
3 – You joined before the disbanding of the delvers guild
2 – You are a new recruit (most likely a former delver)
1 – You know several member of the Keepers

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