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General Overview

Kevris Killraven arrived in Ptolus only last year, and already her organization has spread throughout the city like a virus. Rather than attempting to turn or conscript existing criminals into her empire, Killraven brought outsiders into Ptolus. Many of the important figures working for her are not members of the traditional character races.

Position in Current Events

Kevris saw an opportunity to destroy the Balacazar crime family when Menon was pronounced dead. She moved all her men in line and struck as fatal blow as she could. However is seemed as though the whole city worked against her. The guard was bearing down on her and her allies the Sorn seemed to offer no help. When she tried to rally her troops she realized too late that the Vai were targeting her, and killing off most of her key henchmen and allies. She has since consolidated her strength and is hold up in the south market, and guildsman districts waiting to strike again.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are an important member of the Killraven crime league
4 – You are a mid-ranking member of the Killraven crime league
3 – You are a low ranking member of the Killraven crime league
2 – You are seen as an ally to the Killraven crime league
1 – You know several low ranking member of the Killraven crime league

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