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Knights of the Chord Empty Knights of the Chord

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General Overview

The knights of the Chord are a small knightly order dedicated to upholding freedom and protecting the innocent. The knights all have mastered, to some degree, the art of drawing power from music and song. While many may have at one time been bards, they are no longer minstrels. These knights are a martial order and focus heavily on combat skills.

Position in Current Events

The Knights of the Chord hold no real ties to any one group in the city. They are loosely bound to House Kath but it has been ages since House Kath has called on the services of the knights. The orders leader, Hallusiun Everfar, has convinced Nivae Tamelli, Ptolus’s most prominent bard, to ally with them in these turbulent times. Nivae has instructed the knights to wait for an opportunity to join the more favorable side but until hold back from getting involved too heavily in the current affairs.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are an important member of the Knights of the Chord
4 – You are a mid-ranking member of the Knights of the Chord
3 – You are a low ranking member of Knights of the Chord
2 – You know an influential member of the Knights of the Chord
1 – You know several members of the Knights of the Chord

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