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Death and Dying Empty Death and Dying

Post  Maltavious on Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:37 am

Rather than being disabled (Pathfinder Core Rules page 189) at zero hit points, characters are disabled when their hit points are in their disabled count. A character’s disabled count is a hit point range from zero to their character level plus their constitution modifier in the negative. Disabled characters are staggered, and any activity other than a single move action causes one hit point of damage, although you do not lose consciousness or advance to the dying condition unless you exceed your disabled count.

Your character is dying (Pathfinder Core Rules pages 189-190) when their hit points are in the dying count. A character’s dying count is a hit point range from their lowest disabled count minus one to their character level plus their constitution score in the negative. Dying characters lose consciousness immediately, and lose one hit point per round until they die or become stable. Some special abilities, such as the Diehard feat or the Ferocity ability, allow you to ignore the dying condition. In such cases, you usually treat dying as disabled until you die or recover hit points.

When your character exceeds their dying count, they are dead. If your character has any Hero Points, one point is automatically deducted, you become stable at your lowest possible hit points, and you are maimed. If you do not have at least one Hero Point, you remain dead. Consult the maiming table for your specific wound and its effects.

Maiming wounds are permanent, and can only be removed with a miracle or wish spell. The GM is encouraged to be creative in describing the conditions that are represented by maiming wounds.

d20 maiming effect sample description
1-2 -1 strength lost a finger, bum shoulder, bad back
3-4 -1 dexterity lost ear, lost eye, muscle scar
5-6 -1 constitution punctured lung, perforated gut
7-8 -1 intelligence cracked skull, memory loss
9-10 -1 wisdom blurred vision, muffled hearing
11-12 -1 charisma lost a lot of teeth, facial scar, twitch
13-14 -1 reflex save double vision, deaf in one ear, blind spot
15-16 -1 fortitude save glass jaw, fouled digestion, permanent wound
17-18 -1 will save overprotective, reduced pain tolerance, frightful memory
19-20 -1 initiative poor grip, limp, scatterbrained, forgetful

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