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Post  Maltavious on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:18 am

General Overview

The Longfingers Guild once commanded a great deal of respect in Ptolus-at least among the local underworld-as the city’s thieves’ guild. Today, however, most skilled thieves find it far more lucrative to work for the Balacazars or the Killraven Crime League.

Position in Current Events

At the urging of House Rau the Longfingers Guild has tried to sever all ties with the Killraven Crime League. They now try to be a more independent underworld force, and stay away from the other crime leagues fighting.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are an influential member of the Longfingers Guild
4 – You are a mildly influential member of the Longfingers Guild
3 – You are a new recruit of the Longfingers Guild
2 – You know several members of the Longfingers Guild
1 – You know several people associated with the Longfingers guild

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