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Post  Maltavious on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:32 am

General Overview

The Viridian Lords exist primarily in Palastan, outside the walls of Ptolus, but they make their influence felt within the city as well. Most members of the group are rangers, although a few are barbarians or multiclassed combinations of both.

Position in Current Events

The Viridian Lords are very concerned over the current events of Ptolus. They view the invaders as a threat to a new great war, and are amassing their forces to destroy the invaders before the war is started.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are an influential member of the Viridian Lords
4 – You are a mid-ranking member of the Viridian Lords
3 – You are a low ranking member of the Viridian Lords
2 – You are personal friends with a Viridian Lord
1 – You know a Viridian Lord

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