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Post  Lady Tullu on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:49 am

Name: Lady Tullu of Kath
Race: Changling
Class: Divine Oracle (Haunted)
Sex: Female
104 Seasons

Back Story:

I'm crazy. Everyone knows I'm crazy... Haunted is perhaps a better description of my condition. If it were not for my twin I wouldn't have made it through childhood. Growing up was complicated for both of us. As a child, Mother said I was special because my ancestors spirits would guide me to greatness. What she didn't tell me is all the other spirits would torture me, causing untold numbers of scratches, bumps and sprains. She forgot to mention that people are cruel when they don't understand why a little girl talks to herself, cries for no reason and changes colors. These things I found out the hard way.
We grew up in a small village. Church was a beautiful escape for me. When the village sang the song of the sun I felt at peace. Sometimes mother would sing to me and hers was the only voice that I heard. I miss her terribly. She was so strong before the sickness claimed her. The sickness killed many of the people I cared about. It claimed my Father when I was only a little babe.
After Mother died there wasn't anything left for us. We decided to leave.
My twin, my protector, and my friend... he and I left our home to find the greatness Mother once told me was waiting out there. The only place I had ever dreamed of was the city of doors. It was one of my romantic ideas, to travel to the gateway of the universe in search of greatness. I began writing letters to our distant cousin, Lady Kath. She is such a gracious woman. She accepted my plead of help and offered a place for us in her home.
Ptolus! A new chapter in my life...a new chance to truly live. The journey was arduous and our arrival to the city was less than a beneficial experience. We were robbed at knife point in the first hour in the city. Upon arriving to the house of Kath we were beaten and penniless. Sweet Lady Kath took us in and gave us the world. She had a feast in our honor but my condition ruined the night. I was pushed into a suit of armor which knocked over the banquet table and myself. I had a scraped elbow and hair full of porridge. I would have been more embarrassed had it not been a usual occurrence in my life. Oh! The path of greatness must be an illusion because it is filled with ghosts that may just kill me one day.
The lady is startled by my condition and she has assigned her more trusted bards to watch over me, they are a sweet annoyance. I detest being cooped up in the house but I am so grateful. My sweet brother seems to be blossoming here. I am glad that he for once can focus on something other than protecting me. I have begun sneaking out at night. It is not hard for someone like me, I simply shift into a maid and slip out. I am drawn the the large beautiful churches here; they are the grander than any dream. The seas call to me too. The voices said that change is coming to this amazing city and it will start in the seas.
The boats came and the voices scream at me to act. They get violent when I don't listen but I do not know what to do. Please, oh please mother guide me. Which path should I take?

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