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General Overview

Considering its reputation for strange events and stranger residents, almost everyone in Ptolus has heard of Castle Shard. Its current lord and lady are Lord Zavere-rumored to have once been an Anti-Paladin of the highest order, now reformed-and Lady Rill, said to be a fallen paladin turned sorceress.

Position in Current Events 

The current lords of the castle are unsure of what to make of the current events. They desire information but are unwilling to expend any direct resources to uncover anything about the invaders. However Lord Zavere has hired a small band of mercenaries, and Lady Rill has taken in a few novice sorceresses to help with security.

Affiliation Point Buy 

Lady Rill

5 - You know Lady Rill very well, and she owes you at least one large favor
4 - You know Lady Rill very well and she might be convinced to grant you a large favor
3 - You are close friends with Lady Rill
2 - Your dealings have brought you into contact with Lady Rill and the two of you seem to get along well
1 - You have met with Lady Rill once or twice, but don't know her that well

Lord Zavere

5 - Zavere trusts you and considers you to be a close ally
4 - Zavere trusts you
3 - Zavere considers you to be a friend
2 - Zavere is willing to work with you
1 - Zavere has heard you name mentioned by friends and is willing to meet with you


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