Short Character Summary: Jadin

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Short Character Summary: Jadin Empty Short Character Summary: Jadin

Post  greenpandaman on Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:34 am

Name: Jadin (ja-deen)
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Nation of origin: Kazinarr
Background summary: Jadin was a military commander for King Ackar, the tyrannical ruler of Kazinarr. Jadin became sickened by the atrocities perpetrated by the king so he defected and joined a rebellion against the king. Jadin quickly rose to lead the rebellion. Unfortunately, one of Jadin's commanders betrayed the rebels and led the king's army to the rebel camp. The rebel forces were slaughtered and Jadin was cursed. Now Jadin travels the world searching for someone who can lift the curse placed upon him and doing favors for the elite in return for their military support when it comes time for Jadin to return to Kazinarr. Jadin's travels have brought him to the city by the spire.


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