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General Overview

A mercantile family, House Abanar commands great wealth. Abanar is the largest house as well as the wealthiest-although probably not the most powerful or influential. In Ptolus, people say, “wealth breeds contempt,” and that’s true of the merchants of Abanar. The members of the house have a poor reputation. Most people think of them as greedy, usurious cheats and liars who use their power, position, and wealth to gain greater power, position, and wealth.

Abanar is unique among the noble houses, due to the fact that one can quite literally buy one’s way into it. For approximately 10,000 gp, anyone can buy a minor title and position within the house hierarchy.

Noteworthy Individuals

Dered Abanar, Lord of House Abanar, Earl of Southbourne (head of primary family)
Jeroth Abanar, Count of Osterdale (Dered’s uncle)
Haligar Abanar, Count of Lyrtas’ Glen (Dered’s uncle)
Lona Abanar, Baroness of Inverdeen (Dered’s sister)
Olgwen Abanar, Baron of Linmuir (Dered’s illegitimate son)
Brendurn Abanar, Baron of Dambyr (Jeroth’s son)

approximately 19 purchased Lord/Ladies and 33 purchased Bannerette/Lady Bannerette

Position in Current Events

This house favors Segaci to take over as the new King. He promotes a profitable stability.

House Abanar is choosing to flee rather than face this new challenge. Dered Abanar, leader of the house, is taking most of the high ranking members to other cities in search of more lucrative, and stable ventures. He is however leaving several lesser members of the house behind to watch over their dealings in Ptolus.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 - You are a direct relative of Dered Abanar, (However not part of his immediate family making you a Baron) or purchased a higher rank (Making you a Lord)
4 - You purchased your way into the house. (Making you a Bannerette)
3 - A member of your immediate family has purchased their way in.
2 - You have several dealings with house Abanar, or personally know one of the lords of the house
1 - You have had a dealing or planning a deal with them, or have met a member of their house

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