Short fiction: JADIN'S CURSE

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Short fiction: JADIN'S CURSE Empty Short fiction: JADIN'S CURSE

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Jadin, leader of the rebellion, was in his tent studying maps when he heard the warning trumpet blow before it was silenced. The rebel camp was hidden in the mountains just outside the border of Kazinarr. At first he did not believe the Kazinarr Royal Guard had found the encampment but his disbelief was soon shattered. Yelling and the sound of fighting could now be heard and Jadin was gripped with fear. He was not afraid for his own life but for the lives of his men and their families who lived within the camp.
Jadin grabbed his scimitar as a Kazimarr soldier entered his tent. The soldier raised his blade above his head as Jadin made a swift strike across the soldier's midsection. Blood sprayed throughout the white tent and the soldier crumpled to the ground.
Jadin exited his tent into the night and saw chaos. Tents were burning, men were fighting, some children lay on the ground killed by arrows, and women were being dragged off. Then he saw on the other side of the battlefield, illuminated by the burning tents, was Kazinarr's reigning tyrant, King Ackar. The grin on the king's face showed his pleasure in the brutality of his forces.
Furious and determined to kill the king, Jadin spotted a Kazinarr archer firing at women and children. Jadin rushed at the archer cutting down two soldiers in his way. When he was a few feet from the archer, Jadin lept into the air spinning around with his blade. The strike was clean and precise. The archer's head was severed and rolled across the ground.
Jadin strung an arrow and raised the bow to take aim but was hit on his left side by a blast of blue flame. He was injured and disoriented when he was overtook by Kazinarr soldiers.
When the rebel leader's mind finally cleared and his eyes focused, Jadin found himself on both knees with his hands bound behind his back. The sounds of fighting had quieted, the battle was over, the rebels had lost. In front of him stood King Ackar and his daughter, the powerful sorceress, Magiah. Jadin had no doubt that Magiah was the one who hit him with the blast of flame. He looked to his left and saw Priya, his new wife and talented warrior, on her knees and bound like him.
King Ackar spoke, “Oh good, you're awake. Jadin, you have displeased me. Why? Why have you done this?” Jadin said nothing. King Ackar continued, “you were once in my favor. You were a commander in the royal guard. You even courted my daughter.” Magiah quickly glanced at her father. King Ackar began to raise his voice, “then somewhere along the line you were corrupted! You turned away from your king! Why!? Speak!”
Jadin raised his head and matched the king's gaze and said, “because I could not victimize our own people. The guard did not protect the people. You ordered us to take from the people. You ordered the unjust arrest of good people. You even ordered us to kill good people in your name. You say I am corrupt? I fight to be free of the evil that flows from you and corrupts all of Kazinarr!”
King Ackar looked at his guards and said “he speaks against your king, kill him and the woman.” Motioning to Jadin and Priya.
“My beloved, we did not find freedom in this life but we will find it in the next. We will be reunited on the other side.” Jadin said quickly to Priya.
Priya replied, “we will be together soon my love.”
Magiah's gaze narrowed when she head this. She then turned to King Ackar and asked, “father, please don't kill them. I want to have some fun.”
The king nodded and his guards lowered their weapons. Magiah took a ruby from her coin pouch and turned towards Priya. Magiah started reciting a spell as Jadin begged and pleaded that she leave Priya alone. But it was all in vain. Priya began to glow and then she was pulled into the ruby. The only thing that remained was the ropes used to bind her.
Jadin yelled, “No! What have you done!? Release her!”
Magiah turned to Jadin and said, “now your beloved is trapped within this gem. I just may have it fashioned into a necklace. It will be my favorite piece of jewelry.” She laughed then asked, “what was so special about her anyway? You could have had me! She is a peasant and I am of royal blood!”
Jadin looked Magiah in her eyes and told her, “peasant she may be, but I love Priya. I never loved you.”
Enraged, Magiah responded, “then losing her forever must be painful for you! Jadin, you will not die tonight. I want you to suffer for years to come. And so you never forget this night, I will give you a reminder.” Magiah's hand bursted into blue flames as she began reciting another spell. She brought her hand to the left side of Jadin's face and he began to cry out in pain. When she pulled her hand away, an arcane symbol had been seared into his cheek and the wound was glowing.
Magiah bent down next to him and whispered, “I have cursed you. You will relive this night on the 30th day of every month. Your wound will never heal. And you will die if you ever enter the borders of Kazinarr again.”

Jadin's eyes opened, he was in bed, it was the same nightmare he has had every thirty days. That is when the symbol on his cheek began to glow and he yelled out in pain. The scar tissue burned away and the wound reopened. Breathing heavy and bleeding from his wound, he laid his head back down. And in his mind he continued plotting how he would get the curse lifted, free his wife, and free Kazinarr.


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