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General Overview

To the people of Ptolus, House Dallimothan is "House Dragon," although no member of this house would ever use that name. The house’s official position is that “Dallimothan is a friend to dragonkind.”

House Dallimothan is often seen as a good and benevolent force in the city of Ptolus.

Noteworthy Individuals

Kirstol Dallimothan, Lord of House Dallimothan, Duke of Old Vantara (head of primary family)
Belthyria Dallimothan, Viscountess of Mount Varmarg (daughter of Kirstol)
Flanyr Dallimothan, Count of Relthor Rock (son of Belthyria)

Sethblane Velwain, Viscount of Tegari Reach (head of secondary family, second cousin of Kirstol)
Rowagin Velwain, Countess of Moredal Spire (daughter of Sethblane)
Khitol Velwain, Count of Castle Romslag (son of Sethblane)
Taraun Sharthan, Baron of Stock Hall (son of Rowagin)

Delnia Ghalthain, Viscountess of Kettersley (head of tertiary family, grand-niece of Kirstol)
Helzen Ghalthain, Count of Wurmsgard (son of Delnia)
Iria Ghalthain, Baroness of Motil’s Keep (daughter of Helzen)
Radinos Ghalthain, Baron of Ashbridge (son of Helzen)

Position in Current Events

Lord Kirstol Dallimothan leads the house during this troubling time. He seems to agree that the invaders should not be allowed to enter Goth Gulgamel, but he has taken a special interest in the invaders due to the fact that they have multiple dragons among them. It’s public knowledge that they have petitioned the Commissar to allow the dragons to stay at House Dallimothan.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 - You are a distant relative of Kirstol (gaining the title of Baron/Baroness), or personal friend of his
4 - You are a friend of a relative of Kirstol, or in the employ of House Dallimothan
3 - You know friends or relatives of Kirstol but are not friends of Kirstol
2 - You have met or would be familiar with members of House Dallimothan
1 - You know someone who could introduce you to members of House Dallimothan or could tell you about them and their dealings

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