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General Overview

Scholars and gentlefolk, House Erthuo normally avoids confrontation and rarely gets involved with the various rivalries or intrigues that seem to be the lifeblood of other houses.

House Erthuo is said to possess one of the finest collection of rare book, antiquities, and artifacts of historical significance in this part of the world. Most of their wealth, in fact, is tied up in their various private collections.

House Erthuo also has strong elven ties. All but three titled members of the House are either Elven or a half-elf. They are lead by Peliope Erthuo.

Noteworthy Individuals

Peliope Erthuo, Lord of House Erthuo, Viscount of Phinothae (head of primary family)
Idirian Erthuo, Viscountess of the Weeping Vale (Peliope’s wife)
Pelucidar Erthuo, Count of the Morn Woods (Peliope’s son)
Imiriana Erthuo, Countess of Paelinth (Peliope’s daughter)

Danari Mirst, Earl of Sariush (head of secondary family)
Esinil Mirst, Lady of Sunbirth Vale (Danari’s wife)
Satia Mirst, Baroness of Sighing Sands (Danari’s daughter)
Sira Mirst, Baroness of Oaken Grove (Danari’s daughter)

Kale “Darkleaf” Dar-Kelifir, Baron of Asuri Hills (Peliope’s nephew, head of third family)

Lyla Sorrowleaf, Lady of the Lost Path (Esinil’s illegitimate daughter)

Position in Current Events

House Erthuo has no real military presence. They are also reluctant to enter any form of intrigue. It can therefore be assumed that House Erthuo will have very little impact on the events to come.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 - You are a distant relative of Peliope (gaining the Lord/Lady title), or personal friend of hers
4 - You are a friend of a relative of Peliope, or in the employ of House Erthuo
3 - You know friends or relatives of Peliope but are not friends of Peliope
2 - You have met or would be familiar with members of House Erthuo
1 - You know someone who could introduce you to members of House Erthuo or could tell you about them and their dealings

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