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General Overview

The Inverted Pyramid is a mysterious and ancient guild of arcanists. Their membership roll remains shrouded in mystery, but it most likely includes the most powerful mages in Ptolus — and probably the world. For years they have wielded considerable influence in the city. Their headquarters is said to lie somewhere hidden from normal sight by powerful spells.

In days past, the Inverted Pyramid was a great foe of the Church of Lothian. When the Edict of Deviltry was issued centuries ago proclaiming all arcane spellcasting to be an evil act, a number of mages gathered to form a secret society dedicated to preserving themselves and their lore. Within the Inverted Pyramid, the members of this guild meet, store their valuable books and supplies, and craft magic items and other creations. The Inverted Pyramid concerns itself with preserving magical lore and all things arcane from those it believes would eradicate such knowledge.

Position in Current Events

There is no clear agenda of the Inverted Pyramid. With all masters have different loyalties the collective cannot go in one single direction. However that have made it very clear that they will not allow Daegun to enter Goth Gulgamel until they are certain he will not be able to cause the world any great harm. However they are using this time of turmoil to try to gain an upper hand on their rivals both Kevris and the church of Lothian

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You were for some reason allowed early entrance into the Inverted Pyramid (You must have taken only levels in Sorc, Witch, or Wiz)
4 – You are a personal friend of one of the masters (Except Renn Sadar)
3 – You know several Adepts or are a close friend of one Adept
2 – You are being trained to become a member
1 – You know several Initiate members

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