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Sisterhood of Silence Empty Sisterhood of Silence

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**As a DM note this Faction will be one of the Major factions of my campaign**

General Overview

Although the order has chapters in lands beyond the walls of Ptolus, surely nowhere else does the Sisterhood of Silence command the respect and fear that it wields here. Most consider this all female order of monks and fighters to be secondary police force after the City Watch. In fact, people in the know (which is to say, criminals) fear the Sisterhood far more than the Watch. The Sisters are beyond reproach when it comes to bribery, coercion, or corruptibility.

Position in Current Events

The commissar correctly views the sisterhood as a more elite and less corruptible arm of law enforcement. Therefore he assigned them with the task of security over the invaders. They established a compound for the invaders in the Guildsman district, and made a road through the Warrens to escort them to the compound. Though it public knowledge that every day multiple death threats are made against the Mother Superior she still maintains vigilance over her charge.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are a minor member of the Second Circle
4 – You are an advanced member of the First Circle
3 – You are a minor member of the First Circle (lowest level)
2 – You were raised in the sisters orphanage, or have personal friends that are sisters
1 – You know several sisters

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