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Post  Maltavious on Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:03 am

What I would like to see you have for the FIRST session:

There are a few specific things I'd like to see you guys have before we start this campaign. As those of you that have talked to me know I'm pretty loose when it comes to creating back story. If you can explain it I'm really ok with whatever back story you want for your character. However there are specific things I want to know about your character. Of course I never force anyone to do anything so if you don't want to do this you don't have to, but you will forfeit any role you could play in the games story, be known for the whole game as Bob, and be utterly forgotten when we retell the story of this game.

1. How long have you, or any significant relative lived in Ptolus? How committed are you to the city? Were you born and raised, and love it here? Are you moving here to take over your ailing uncles fifteen year old tailor business? Is this just a stop over for you as you are on your way some wheres else? Are you part of a revolutionary league that wants to see Ptolus burn?

2. Where do you live in Ptolus? This one is trickier than question 1 in that I don't have the cost of housing readily available. The main point of the question is where do you see yourself living? In the players guide to Ptolus there is a general listing of the districts (at the first break for those of you that thought reading the whole thing was a little long) and I just wanna know where you see yourselves living. You worry about how you think your character lives, and I'll worry about the cost.

3. What part of Ptolus (if any) is important to you? Just a general “The North Market is where I work so it's important” is all I'm looking for.

It's very possible I might have more questions but for now have fun and I hope to see some posts.

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