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General Overview

If there are stars on the Ptolus social scene, they are the Kath family. These wealthy aristocrats possess striking talents, winning charm, and extreme comeliness. People in the city follow the exploits of House Kath with wonder and admiration. Kath concerns itself almost exclusively with the arts, and most members of the family are trained musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, or writers.

House Kath has strong and ancient ties to the Knights of the Chord and can call upon them for assistance when needed. Likewise, it is in Kath’s interest to support the knights and keep them strong, well-funded, and secure.

The House is run by a human Lady Devina Kath.

Noteworthy Individuals

Devina Kath, Lady of House Kath, Duchess of Sentinelbrae (head of primary family)
Matrenus Kath, Duke of Opdale (Devina's husband)
Ethisha Kath, Viscount of the Imarj Barren (Devina's daighter)
Tallaeth Kath, Viscount of the Black Reef (Ethisha's Husband)
Legaldir Kath, Earl of the Sundai March (Ethisha's son)

Sallina Kath, Marquis of Wyehill (head of secondary family) (Devina's Sister)
Raule Kath, Earl of Pethorp (Sallina's son)

Elel Kath, Countess of Siwystow Plateau (Head of third family) (Devina's Aunt)
Alad Kath, Baron of Pestone (Elel's husband)
Finore Kath, Lord of Goldwyford Bluffs (Elel's son)
Amdir Kath, Lord of Nalukkhol Crags (Elel's son)
Katerin Kath, Lady of Oron Hills (Elel's daughter)
Mothire Kath, Lord of Chunai Steppe (Katerin's Husband)
Ilinar Kath, Lord of Anton (Katerin's son)
Linore Kath, Lady of Heathorp (Katerin's daughter)

There are an addition 17 titled knights, lords and ladies unlisted here.

Position in Current Events

House Kath has no real military presence other than supporting the Knights of the Chord. They are reluctant to enter any form of intrigue, and are unable to take a strong stance on current events. It can therefore be assumed that House Kath will have very little impact on the events to come.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 - You are a distant relative of Devina (gaining a minor noble title), or personal friend of hers
4 - You are a friend of a relative of Devina, or in the employ of House Kath
3 - You know friends or relatives of Devina but are not friends with Devina
2 - You have met or would be familiar with members of House Kath
1 - You know someone who could introduce you to members of House Kath or could tell you about them and their dealings

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