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General Overview

Despite the fact that the Delver’s Guild has existed for just over three years, it is already one of the most powerful and prominent guilds in the city. It offers its members information about job opportunities and events pertaining to the exploration of regions below Ptolus, which many call the dungeon.

Position in Current Events

At the threat of invasion Commissar Igor has revoked the charter for the Delver’s guild. He has stated at a time of war they cannot suffer an organization that depletes such a gross amount of resources, and brings such a threat to the city. He allowed the Guildmaster Delver Sorum Dandubal to maintain a force of 50 people to maintain the library, and their doors to the under city. The Commissar had high hopes the remaining members would join either the city guard or the Ptolus militia, but they instead broke off into the many factions of Ptolus. The Commissar has stated that once the danger passes the charter will be reinstated.

Affiliation Point Buy

5 – You are a current member (Librarian)
4 – Either a former Grand Master, or a current member (Lock checker)
3 – Either a former Master Delver, or you know a former Master Delver
2 – Either a former Guildsman, or you know a few former Guildsman
1 – Either a former Associate Guildsman, or you know several former Associate Guildsman

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